2005 Mobile game ‘Doom RPG’ could be coming to high end Amigas!

Here we are with another special announcement, as if any of you remember the 2005 mobile phone game of ‘Doom RPG’; a game developed by Fountainhead Entertainment combining the Doom first-person shooter franchise with role-playing video game elements. Then at some point in the near future, you could be playing Szilárd Biró/BSzili’s port of Doom RPG on your Amiga! Although going by what we’ve been told, it may require a very high end Amiga indeed…..

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RGB565 to HAM8 RGB666?
While we don’t know when it will be released, here’s what was said about the PC version which arrived as a port back in 2022. “At the time even Doom co-creator John Carmack couldn’t even find the original code for the mobile version. Thankfully, fans have spent a number of years searching old phones for the code and they’ve made 100% progress bringing the classic and obscure RPG to modern systems. As such over on the Doomworld forums, fans have reverse engineered the Doom RPG from old LG phones and have rebuilt the game from the ground up within Doom’s original engine using bits of BREW code extracted from old phones to build the game.”
Update : Saberman has just given us extra info regarding the specs “The repository says 68040 and 68060 only, so very high spec Amigas.”

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