You Are What You Play – by Howard Scott Warshaw

The gaming world is perverse, as are its constituents… and what makes it all so perverse? Perceptions. Allow me to start by digressing. When I first arrived at Hewlett Packard, a rosy-cheeked budding youth fresh out of college, I was rather a wild and crazy sort. To the dismay of some, the delight of others and the befuddlement of most of my corporate cohorts I was, in a word, unsubtle.

Over time I noticed their reactions coalesced into two basic camps and I came to think of this phenomenon as the 80/20 model of programmers.

The 80/20 model states there are two kinds of programmers: 80% of programmers like objective facts and figures and indisputable results. They love the fact that computers do what you tell them, behave consistently and never lie or play politics. 80%’ers see computers as an alternative to dealing with people and if they weren’t programmers, they would be accountants or actuaries.

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