Relive Classic Video Games on Your Phone

Video games have existed for a very long time. The first retro video game, Pong, was created in 1972. Back then, you needed a huge arcade machine to play it. Nowadays, your smartphone is a much more powerful device in your pocket. Along with all the modern games, you can also play classic retro video games on your phone using emulators.

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What are Emulators?  
Emulators are apps that let you run games from old gaming systems like Nintendo and Sega. They bring those retro games back to life on your phone’s screen. Recently, emulators became available for iPhones after being on Android for a while. This means more people than ever can enjoy retro gaming.

However, there is one important thing to know. While emulator apps themselves are legal, downloading games illegally (pirating) is not legal in most countries. You should only use games you have legally obtained or backed up yourself. With that said, let’s look at how to use emulators on Android and iOS.

Using Emulators on Android
There are many retro game emulators for Android phones and tablets. One popular option is RetroArch, which can emulate classics like Nintendo, Atari, Sega and PlayStation games. Other emulators focus on specific systems, like Dolphin for Nintendo Wii and GameCube.  

For this guide, we’ll use Lemuroid, a free and open-source emulator with no ads. After installing Lemuroid, you need to point it to a folder containing your game files (ROMs). Lemuroid will then let you pick and play any compatible games it finds.

When you select a game, Lemuroid loads the right emulator code and shows on-screen controls. The app’s other tabs let you see favorites, search for games, and filter by game system. In Settings, you can change the game folder, enable autosave, set up controllers, and tweak video options.

Using Emulators on iOS  
While Android has had emulators for a long time, they are quite new to the iPhone and iPad. So currently there are not as many iOS emulator options as Android. But more are being added quickly.

One of the first iOS emulators was Emu64 XL for the classic Commodore 64 computer system. It replicates the graphics, sound and even controllers of that 1980s computer.

The emulator app we’ll focus on is Delta, which covers Nintendo consoles like NES, N64, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. Like on Android, you first need to load game ROMs into Delta by pointing it to their folder location.

Delta will automatically load the right emulator interface and controls when you pick a game from your library. In-game, you can save progress, remap buttons, use cheat codes and adjust settings like visual themes and controller configs.

Final Word
In summary, emulators let you play a huge library of classic retro video games on your modern smartphone or tablet. While the apps themselves are legal, you should only use game ROMs you have properly backed up or purchased legally.

Android has offered emulators for longer, with apps like Lemuroid being a great free option. But emulators are also increasingly available for iOS now too, with apps like Delta for Nintendo gaming. With a few taps, you can relive all your favorite retro gaming memories anywhere you go!

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