Gridlock – A recommended game by Megastyle for your Commodore 64

Night Mission Pinball Extended wasn’t the only game to grace our Commodore 64 screens this weekend, as looking through my emails earlier today, I saw that Megastyle had released the C64 sliding puzzle styled game of Gridlock. A game in which the object of each emergency call is to get your ambulance to the exit road by moving all the vehicles vertically or horizontally around the play area. Sound like your sort of game? Good! Because not only is it getting good player feedback, but we’ve got some more info and footage of ‘Gridlock’ below.

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Furthermore the website also says “You play the part of a trainee paramedic driver on your journey to become fully qualified. To achieve this you must survive 8 full days on the job in order to reach your qualification ceremony on day 9. Each day is split up in 10 emergency calls which you must attend within a set limit. Allow that time to expire, and so will the poor patient. So, why are these calls so difficult and time consuming to attend? Well, due to the busiest week that “Killum Hall Hospital” has ever seen, cars and trucks have filled the ambulance bays making a swift exit almost impossible”.
“It may seem easy at first but don’t be deceived, the hospital is getting busier by the day making your task even harder. All the while those emergency calls are coming in thick and fast”.

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