Supersega shape with specs revealed, and a Spanish team of guys born in the 70’s and 80’s who’s goal is to release an “All In One Sega’s Consoles” (AIOSC) in the form of a new retro fpga / asic console, is expected to be fundraising this year (2024).  The new upcoming Supersega console is based on Ultrascale+ fpga, featuring WiFi, Bluettooth, and a SD card reader writer. A CD / DVD Reader Writer with a transparent bay is featured. 8 joystick ports allows users to use its original sega pads, while also they can use USB for. Dimensions of the console are 50 cm (width) x 20 cm (deep) x 10 cm (hight).


Leaded by Alejandro Martin, a computer engineer (ex Cinemartin & Tres Telecom) Developer and Tony Hernandez, Cad Designer along with other members like Carlos Lopez and Cristina Burgués, the team has many years counting in hardware & software development. 


Cristina Burgués, public relationsships says: “Until Supersega does not have a working prototype they will not release any funding campaign. Currently we have almost all sega’s console games up to Saturn in a working playable state, and a few Dreamcast playing so far so good, but until we finish the prototype we will not considering to release the project” 

Alejandro words on that “We had been working on a SS Core from a few years ago. Until now there were been almost no suitable fpga hardware out there but with the Ultrascale+ things changed, and prices seems more reasonable than before, with a minimum of 100 K up to 1M of Logic Cells, now it is possible to do a Dreamcast behavior with the enough speed.” 

Please visit the project website where soon will be released material, docs & interviews



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