Intellivision: Independence Holiday Update 2024

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Happy Independence Day holiday to everyone in the USA, and we hope everyone else is enjoying a great summer! A lot has happened since our last update on Valentine’s day. The biggest news came in a press release at the end of May about our sale of the Intellivision brand to Atari®️. This deal added the fuel we needed to continue our mission of releasing family friendly Amico games with the goal of eventually delivering Amico consoles. A few important points and outcomes from the Atari deal:

Our company name is changing from Intellivision Entertainment to Amico Entertainment. This is a big process, currently underway, that requires changes across the company infrastructure and products. You may have noticed in the graphic above that our Amico Home logo no longer bears the name “Intellivision”, for example.
We retain the right to develop reimagined Amico versions of games from the classic Intellivision catalog, now under license from Atari.
We retain all Amico hardware IP and patents for Amico controllers, the Amico console, and all aspects of the Amico Home platform.

As our CEO Phil Adam said in the press release, we have every confidence that Atari will be a responsible steward of the storied Intellivision brand. We wish them all the best in that endeavor! We also look forward to our collaboration with Atari to bring a broad array of new Atari and Intellivision titles to the Amico and Amico Home family gaming platforms.

Amico Home™ News

At the end of February, we released Cornhole to open Beta. This is our second motion control game (after Dart Frenzy). Since then, we’ve polished Cornhole with a few updates incorporating great feedback from our Amico Discord community. The game is really shining now! If you would like to influence Amico games, join the conversation on our Amico Discord by creating an account at to receive an Amico Discord invite code.

Free Download Codes

Cornhole is one of our six console pack-in games. If you hold a console pre-order with a deposit, then you are eligible for a free Google Play Store download code for any pack-in game we’ve published for Amico Home. This list currently includes Cornhole, Astrosmash®️ and Shark! Shark!®️. Get your download codes by registering your pre-order at .

You are also eligible for free download codes for Amico Home games if you own a Limited Collector’s Boxed Edition of the game.

Boxed Edition Singles

Up until now, our Limited Collector’s Boxed Editions have only been available in bundles of four or eight. We have now begun making them available individually for games that are released on Amico Home. The first available boxed edition single is Missile Command®️ .

Boxed edition games that are available on Amico Home are eligible for a free Google Play Store download code. Get your download code by registering your boxed edition at .

Look for more boxed edition singles to become available in the coming months.




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